Research/ Scholarly Activities

The Department of Internal Medicine has a thriving Research Department under the supervision of Dr. Vidya Menon. The hospital has its own IRB or Internal Review Board and has its own dedicated research assistants assigned for Internal Medicine department alone. Throughout the years, the department makes sure to utilize research activities to further enhance learning of both faculties and residents. During the Pandemic, research and other scholarly activities have thrived very much as the institution participates in different drug trials and studies. 

Every year, the Lincoln Medical Center organizes an Annual Research Competition wherein all departments of multiple disciplines participates in showcasing different projects mostly related to patient care. 

All residents engaged in research and scholarly activities are given a chance to rotate in a Research Rotation as approved by the Program which is a 2-week dedicated elective time to focus on their research projects and publish their scholarly works. All research and publications are written done by the residents are under supervision of attendings. 

The Department/ Residency Program supports residents and faculties in presentation of their works into various societies and conferences. 



Below are some of our current Research and Scholarly Activities of the year:

Our CMR Dr. Maria Angela Matabang’s article at Renal Fellow Network, June 2023


Dr. Laverne Yip (PGY1) with mentorship from Dr. Lekshmi Dharmarajan and Dr. Kenneth Ong presented this study and bagged 1st Prize at the 19th Annual Doctor’s Recognition Day Symposium Poster Presentations & Physicians’ Exposition of the Bronx County Medical Society!!!! Congratulations!!

By our PGY3 and aspiring intensivist Dr. Yusuf Mubarak. 

Iron deficiency anemia did not worsen outcomes in patients hospitalized with bacterial pneumonia (

Written by our PGY 2: Dr. Maria Angela Matabang for the Renal Fellow Network. 

The Baggage of AV Access: Too Big a Load for an Overburdened Heart? – Renal Fellow Network

As of July 2022, Our Drug Trial for Covid has recently been published with the great efforts of our Research department!

Great Job! Drs: Iqra Arshad (pgy2), Muhammad Faiz (pgy3), Maria Espejo (Attending, team lead), Masood Shariff.

Awesome work by Dr. Haisum Maqsood (PGY2) and Dr. Muhammad Khalil (PGY2)

Same-day discharge after LAAO associated with strong outcomes, significant cost savings (

Another Publication: By Dr. Bo Yu (RIP), Dr. Yinelka Silverio Castro (PGY2)

Congratulations on the Article for Dr. Edding and the rest of the Research Team

COVID-Related AKI Chronically Hard on Kidneys | MedPage Today

AWESOME JOB by Dr. Kilani (PGY1) and Dr. Laxamana (PGY2) – FRONT PAGE