Hospital Medicine

Chief: Moiz Kasubhai. Attended Topiwala National Medical College. He is also the Associate Chair of Medicine Department. 

The division is run by 15 hospitalists who have about 12,000 discharges per year. Every resident team is supervised by one hospitalist. Also, one hospitalist is on call every night. Telemetry and ventilator units are part of the in-patient service outside the ICU.




Moiz Kasubhai, MD



Nehad Shabarek, MD



Jean Daniel, MD



Usha Venugopal, MD



Rajinder Garg, MD



Vipul Shah, MD



Ammar Nasser, MD



Rajan Khanna, MD



Natasha Suleman, MD



Zachary McDonald, MD

Anjana Pillai, MD

Vidya Menon, MD