"From day one of my residency my chief who is the current associate program director Dr. Oviedo guided exactly the way a newbie has to be guided. My program director Dr. Shabarek is like a father figure to me where we can go with any problem and he would help us right away. "
Asima Raja
Class 2020
"I have always found Lincoln IM residency to be a friendly place, and this is what I tell everyone when I am asked."
Miko Sulikowski
Preliminary Resident 2019
"Lincoln is hands on and amazing training, ancillary support is available and blood work is only expected in medical emergencies and when deemed medically necessary. Our program director cared and showed up daily to all didactics to ensure we understood the thought process involved in our daily decisions. He had an open-door policy and never restricted anyone from coming in at any hour of the day. "
Vinny Campion
Class 2020
"I am pretty sure that no residency program is perfect but at least I can say that the time I spent there was one of the best times in my life. We had a very good/excellent group of people and my attendings were always there for me including program director and department chair and some of them are still there. If I had to do residency again I would definitely go back to Lincoln Hospital."
Jose Lopez Castillo
Class 2007
As an IMG graduate from the Dominican Republic, on a Visa, with no U.S. experience whatsoever, Lincoln Internal Medicine Residency Program believed in me and my dreams. I had the opportunity of training and learning from amazing attendings, in a program that always gave me all the support I needed, regardless of my ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender, keeping their doors always open in case I had any questions or concerns.
Carmen Oviedo
Class 2017
"Unlike from where I’ve been (IMG), hierarchy seems devoid. We are free to discuss management and give suggestions. You are never judged for things you don’t know but rather guided to further learning.
Arianne Yangco
PGY2, Class 2023
" I graduated from there in 2011. We were not allowed to work longer than 80 hours a week, neither to do 24 hrs shifts. The residency chief was coming to check on us every day and tell us to leave at the end of the work day. I am happy I was one of the residents there and had the opportunity to work with amazing people. That program made my dream to work something I love and have good life."
Galina Petrinska
Class 2011
I am a proud Lincoln Hospital medicine class of 2012 alumni. I am also an international medical graduate and can only say good things about the time I spent as a resident from 2009-2012 and feel gratitude for this program’s contribution to my professional development. One of attractive thing about this program is work alongside with physicians from all over the world and being exposed to different cultures, not to mention the mixed of patient with diverse and complex medical conditions you are caring for, which increases your confidence as an independent practicing physician.
Victor Marmolejos
class 2012
"Everytime I look at Lincoln Medical Center and how everyone has come together to save the millions of New York residents and their families who have suffered in this time is very inspiring to me"
Disha Geriani
class 2019
"I can tell you from a personal experience, that the training at Lincoln is amazing, compared even to other "bigger" programs. We graduated comfortable with everything, excellent knowledge and most importantly with a new family and lifelong friends"
Ibrahim El Husseini
class 2017
"I think the Lincoln residency program is very strong, has great teachers and attending physicians, its a great environment for learning and grow as a physician coming and planning to stay in the United States"
Jose Gutierrez Holguin
class 2009