Hospice and Palliative Care

Palliative Care is an interdisciplinary service for patients with advanced incurable illnesses, and their families, dedicated to relief of suffering and improvement of quality of life using a comprehensive approach. As the disease advances and it is evident that the patient is unlikely to survive, comfort measures become a priority. The goal of Palliative Care is to prevent and relieve suffering and to support the best possible quality of life for patients and their families, regardless of the stage of the disease or the need for other therapies. Palliative Care expands the traditional disease-model of medical treatments to include the goals of enhancing quality of life for patients and addressing the spiritual and social needs of patients and their families.

Within the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, Lincoln is among the top providers of Palliative Care Services. Lincoln Medical Center takes care of 160,000 emergency visits, 400,000 outpatient visits, and 30,000 inpatient discharges annually. Our consultative palliative care service has been active since 2004 and has grown to provide palliative services to more than 1,300 inpatients per year. Our training provides a wealth of clinical experience in the inpatient, outpatient, long term care, inpatient and outpatient hospice settings.

Our Team:

Natasha Suleman, MD Chief of Palliative Care Service and Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship Program Director                                                                                                   

Brittney Jeatter, Hospice and Palliative Medicine Program Coordinator                                                      

Melissa Headley, MD, Palliative Care Attending                                                                                         

 Simona Dlabal, NP, Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner                                                                                  

 Ileana Dejesus, MST, Palliative Care Associate                                                                                            

Giulia Herman, LCSW, Palliative Care Social Worker                                                                                  

Father Bartholomew Amobi, Palliative Care Chaplain