Internal Medicine is an exciting field, which has grown tremendously in the last 2 decades. At one time, it was not very hard to become a good internist. Medical knowledge acquired in the medical school, supplemented by reading around the patients’ problem was sufficient to graduate from the program and be able to function independently as an internist. Now there is an enormous amount of knowledge to be acquired. Many new diseases have emerged. There are more options for investigations, treatment and guidelines for prevention and management of medical conditions that internists deal with. To attain our goal of providing comprehensive, patient centered education and making sure that at the completion of your training here, you have acquired knowledge, skills and attitude to practice successfully as an internist, we have developed learning objectives in all specialties. These documents were prepared by the Program Director in consultation with the Division Chiefs of specialties, and reviewed by the Curriculum Committee which consists of key faculty members and representatives from trainees. We have incorporated the new competencies in Internal Medicine, in accordance with the ACGME requirements which are outcome based. In addition, the objectives have been tailored to ensure that diversity of diseases in Downtown Bronx, and community needs are addressed.

We would like you to review all of the documents, educate yourself about the goals and objectives of each rotation. It is important that you review all of them, even though you may not be scheduled for a particular elective till later in the year, as the expectation is that you will have an opportunity to take care of patients with various diseases on inpatient units and continuity clinic, and not just during the elective.

To ensure that you are making progress, we advise you to do a self assessment employing the tool that has been developed. The tool includes elements specific to each specialty, to ensure that skills unique to each specialty are mastered. The self evaluation is to become part of your portfolio and will be reviewed with the Program Director or designee twice a year, to follow your growth as a physician.