All applications for Residency in Internal Medicine are submitted exclusively through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), Our ACGME ID is 1403521470. At this time we accept 30 categorical residents and 15 preliminary residents.

Selected applicants are invited for interview. Every applicant that is invited for interview meets at least two of the members of the resident selection committee. The applicants are given a tour of the hospital and meet with members of the housestaff. Once the interviews are conducted, the department prepares a rank order list and the latter is submitted to the NRMP.
For the candidates who match at Lincoln Medical Center and are not American citizens, ECFMG provides sponsorship for J1 visa.

Only electronically submitted applications are considered. The application criteria are established by the resident's selection committee. Suggested criteria include but are not limited to the following:
a. Graduation from US/ Canada medical School
b. Score of 85 and above on first attempt of the USMLE I and USMLE II.
c. Valid ECFMG certificate by the NRMP match date.
d. Graduation from medical school in the past 10 years.